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About Us

About Us

Jasmine Silk Ltd is Chinese silk textile manufacturer based company since the opening of our first Chinese factory established in 1982. Our products has been widely recognised and distributed in the UK market both under our own brand, Jasmine Silk and via a list of long-term strategic OEM/ODM partners. Our factory has more than one hundred experienced employees of making silk products for decades and all our silk products  comply with ISO9001 standards and pass Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Production of silkworms relies on many environmental elements, which affect the feasibility of silk production in other parts of the world. China is credited with the first production of silk around 3000BC. We boast that our variety silk products come from the best region, which yields finest silkworms and also originates the historical folk song named Mo Li Hua - Jasmine Flower. Chinese people love Jasmine because of its beauty, elegance, purity, refreshment, unique fragrance and historical culture. Therefore, Jasmine Silk bedding products are uniquely characterized by the distinctive features of jasmine flower. 

Jasmine Silk sell exclusive silk bedding of the finest quality — A Grade long strand 100% mulberry silk is used, and most competitive price — our far east Asian factory wholesaling price, in a whole range from silk duvet, pillows, mattress toppers, silk bed linens, silk blankets; and to our most popular accessories like silk eye masks, silk gloves. We comply with ISO9001 standards and all our silk materials pass Oeko-Tex Standard 100. We aim at letting more people enjoy the luxurious silk products of affordable prices.