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Silk Care

Jasmine Silk bedding and other silk accessories are easy to look after and last for years with little care. All our silk bed linen is machine washable. Follow these simple instructions to keep your silk feeling like new.

Silk Bed Linen

You can either hand wash or machine wash your silk bed linen. Wash no higher than 30°C with a gentle, non-biological detergent that has been specially formulated for washing silk, like Tenestar.

Hang your silk bed linen up to air-dry. Do not tumble-dry your silk and avoid bleach or other forms of bleaching agent because they damage the silk fibre, destroying your bed linen.

When slightly damp, iron your silk bed linen inside out using a cool iron on the inside setting.

Silk Duvets and Silk Pillows

Air your silk-filled pillows and duvets regularly to keep them fresh. To air, place the duvet or pillow in indirect sunlight for a few hours each season. Doing this revives the silk, helping it to maintain the lightness and fluffiness. It also helps to renew the insulating properties of the silk.

Cleaning silk-filled pillows and duvets is not recommended because silk naturally repels dust, dirt, dust mites, moths, mildew and odours. If you have to clean it (if it has a stain from something being spilt on it), we recommend washing it by hand or in a large washing machine at 30°C. Do not tumble-dry as this flattens the silk loft, reducing the natural benefits.

For best results, we recommend using a removable washable cover to protect your duvets and pillows.

When your silk-filled pillows and duvets are not in use, store them flat in a cool, dry place in the bag that is provided.

Silk Blankets

Dry clean only.

Silk Eye Masks and Gloves

Our silk eye masks and silk gloves can be hand-washed and are machine washable at 30°C. Be sure to use a gentle, non-biological silk detergent, avoiding any products containing bleach.

Air dry out of direct sunlight and cool iron on the inside.


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