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Silk-Filled Pillows

Jasmine Silk’s luxurious silk pillows are the key to a truly comfortable sleep. Made containing pure silk floss, our silk filled pillows have a 300 thread count and a cotton sateen case, making them the highest quality. You’re guaranteed night after night of peaceful slumbers due to the natural properties our silk pillows have to offer. Silk is a moisturising material that will keep your skin hydrated as you sleep, not to mention regulating your temperature so you won’t be woken by being too warm or too cold. 

Browse our indulgent range of silk pillows which includes 100% silk filled pillows that offer firm support to your neck throughout the night, and our 50% polyester, 50% silk pillows which also offer that much-needed support. The polyester adds lift and plumpness, helping your pillow bounce back into shape every morning.

Not only are our silk filled pillows super soft, but they’re also breathable and surprisingly durable, making it an investment you won't regret. Enjoy the low-maintenance properties of our silk filled pillows which are easily freshened up by airing outside and are machine washable at 30 degrees.


For ultimate relaxation when your head hits the pillow, use our silk filled pillows wrapped in our silk pillowcases.

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