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Mulberry vs Charmeuse

Mulberry vs Charmeuse

What is the difference between Charmeuse silk and Mulberry silk?

Mulberry Silk

For thousands of years, mulberry leaves have been utilised in the production of silk. Silkworm larvae are fed on a diet of mulberry leaves and closely monitored as they weave silk fibres. Due to the strict care given to the environment and diet of these larvae, the threads produced are light, uniform and strong while remaining smooth to the touch.

Charmeuse Silk

Unlike Mulberry silk, Charmeuse silk refers to how the silk threads created by the silkworm larvae are woven together. Charmeuse silk is often the chosen weave for silk bedding as it provides a lustrous satin finish on the surface, with a dull back.  These properties make it the perfect fabric choice for pillowcases and duvets as the reflective, smooth surface will face outwards while the more matte side will be hidden.

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