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Silk-Filled Mattress Toppers

Silk-Filled Mattress Toppers

If you're looking for a little more luxury in your bedroom, our silk mattress toppers provide the ultimate comfort and indulgence. Offering the kind of quality you expect from a lavish hotel, these mattress toppers are made from layers of hand-stretched silk and are beautifully encased in 300 thread count cotton sateen.

It's an investment that will give you a restful sleep night after night, thanks to the expert design. The box circle stitching means the material inside stays put throughout the night, while the elasticated corners keep it in place.

Silk acts as a temperature regulator, making our silk-filled mattress toppers perfect for both the winter and the summer. Whether you have a single, double, king or super king you are sure to find superior comfort and ease of use. You can simply freshen up your mattress topper by airing outdoors.

Pair perfectly with a silk fitted sheet and pair of silk pillowcases.

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Silk Mattress Topper
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